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The Story Behind

our  Tea            

Our tea was founded on a simple premise, to be able to share with  as many people as possible something that we were blessed to grow up with, consuming the natural benefits of those non-GMO plants and  herbs  introduced by our Greek-immigrant parents.  Plants the Greeks believed to contain numerous health benefits and therapeutic qualities, that  enable us to continuing to pursue

a healthier lifestyle.


As a consequence, we are eager  to share our Mediterranean  inspired diet that has helped formulate this healthy tea. Our  focus is to produce the best food possible, to continue our rich heritage and share it with the world.

Remaining true to our raison d’être -

“We believe that everyone in the world should be able to enjoy good healthy and nutritious food and beverages…it’s a universal human right – one that deserves respect, support and protection."

- Manny  Favas


Story cont'd



The Making of 

Greek Tea 

The Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis-Scardica) is no ordinary tea, by any means. Though we recognize there are excellent tea varieties out there with an abundance of health benefits, including Matcha, Hibiscus, Sage and Rooibos amongst others; the Greek Mountain Tea is known among Greeks, along with those who are very familiar with the Mediterranean diet, as a tisane which possesses medicinal properties and benefits that will compel you to try it and remain faithful to it.

Hand grown in its most natural form, our choice mountain tea herbs we import are organically cultivated (and certified), as well as hand-picked from elevations exceeding 3,000 ft/914 m in pristine mountainous areas of  Greece. This single varietal, unprocessed super herb produces a distinctly aromatic, caffeine-free and refreshingly delicious tisane.

The ΤΣΑΪ (TSAI) Greek Mountain Tea sparkling beverage is made with imported organic and naturally caffeine-free Greek tea herbs, made from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the flowers known as Sideritis-Scardica. This Cold Brewed sparkling healthy beverage is bottled in Canada in a BRC certifi­ed facility (the highest safety accreditation in the food/beverage sector), with spring water sourced from the Appalachian mountain region Delicious and Naturally Caffeine Free - enjoy any time throughout the day or evening. Tastes fantastic - earthy, with natural flavors of Ginger & Honey or with Mediterranean  Citrus & Ginseng among other future enticing natural flavors.

    -"Enjoy this wonderful beverage that Mother

     Earth has blessed us with"


 - Manny & James

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